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Biker Jacket. There are all different types of companies represented too, from simple-yet-effective designs, to more complex examples. The brand’s About Page is filled with uplifting stories of impeccable craftsmanship and tight-knit communities. While this page holds promise, the content could be improved by replacing the marketing jargon with concrete facts that people care about. All Rights Reserved. Whenever you land major customers, add expertise and capabilities, enter new markets, open new locations, etc., update your About Us page … return null; Which begs the question: what prompted these companies to move there? So, how do you make your own story stand out? P!NK Official Website - Beautiful Trauma Available Now. First, their main page is highly interactive. Italian excellence the rest of the world. The blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. You’ll find the About Page at the top of the menu under the Who section. Darren Rowse has one of the most popular About Us pages on the internet. Your download should start shortly. One of the important aspects of an About Us page is conveying the team and its work environment. An About Us page should make sure to cover basic information about the store and its founders, explain the company's purpose and how it differs from the competition, and encourage discussion and interaction. About us pages fill a number of roles for businesses, including traditional and search-engine marketing, relationship building with customers and describing who runs a business and what it does. Because of that, it feels like watching a modern silent movie. About Us. Furthermore, it’s equally rewarding when you realize that they are just as eager to start a visual dialogue with you. But, when they’re thoughtfully crafted and ingrained into how your company operates, they can be powerful guideposts for how employees should approach their work, and your customers. Read the results of the 2020 GE Global Innovation Barometer, titled “Pride and Protectionism: A Quest for Innovation Agency.” Company news and stories. It’s as simple as that. Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Our Units. Best of luck writing your page, and if you have questions or comments, please do share them below. Get our daily newsletter from SEJ's Founder Loren Baker about the latest news in the industry! About Us 18 Template Type: Page / Fixed Width. We are all very different. 500px is a social network for photographers, so naturally, its about us page is loaded with striking imagery that does the talking for it. document.cookie = name + "=" + value + expires + ";path=/"; An About Us page is your chance to tell the world: Who you are. Yoella Waasdorp MSc, Psychotherapist and 'GZ-Psycholoog'(healthcare Psychologist), neuropsychologist. if (c.indexOf(n) == 0){return c.substring(n.length,c.length);} It is no wonder that the pronoun we is prevalent throughout their page. Even though About Us pages are an ideal place to provide detailed information about your company or business, don't just go on and on lest you turn off your visitors. Who might you need to talk to for more information? can only dream of. So, why ignore those potential benefits when you can do it right and reap the rewards? Which is why we've created this free, easy-to-use tool that lets you instantly generate a custom About Us page for your store. Hardware store chain Home Depot’s example here is straightforward, yet infuses strong imagery and the brand’s voice and tone well to rise above being generic. These are usually five or six points that guide your culture and business philosophy. Dive into the eLumine Experience Reimagine | Redefine | Reify About eLumine . About Us; Online Portal; Apply Now; Contact Us; Register | Login. But, they do help, and they’re great because they let you put that story front and center. We are all very different. But, as long as you have some sort of purpose behind why you’re in business, you can incorporate that into your page. This page has a unique feel, thanks to the deconstructed action figures representing the founders, Leigh Whipday and Jonny Lander. One way to show this to your audience is to map out your company’s history. An About Us page can be one of the most important pages on your website but it is one of the most overlooked elements on your website normally. It’s easy to start writing before you have a clear … This website started off as a photography blog founded by Garance Doré. At a glance. AbbVie: This About Us page provides a nice company overview, including Fast Facts to give site visitors a reasonable company snapshot. It’s not often that you see an About page that puts so much emphasis on its “meet the team” section. CONTACT US. If you know who you are and your goal for your site, the About Us page should come naturally. Their values are core to everything they do, and they make them clear on their website: The page also includes an embedded YouTube video that helps communicate their mission and values: Note that not all of these values are directly related to making ice cream. That sounds straightforward enough, right? That is, talk about the experience you bring to the table. All you have to do is prove that you want to turn ideas into existence. Finally, add in your visual design elements. There’s a wide range of industries, companies, and websites. Check out the example . if(gclid){ You can probably think of hundreds of things you want people to know, from your history to your successes to your values, but cramming all of that information on … But, no other company on Earth shares your exact story, or your specific reason for being in business in the first place. In 1967, the first McDonald’s Canada opened in Richmond, B.C. The “About Us” page is the place to toot your own horn, but do it with facts not hype. Most companies have some sort of core values or principles. To sum up, this page stands out by providing the perfect mix of fun and information. The team reads all your comments and is ready to turn your thoughts into their command. We are its heart. Writing your page will most likely start with a simple Word doc. Please click "Accept" to help us improve its usefulness with additional cookies. When you first visit this page from Penguin Random House, you’ll find a tiled layout linking to multiple pages: This works well because it makes it easy for readers to find exactly what they’re looking for (which might include anything from their company story to open job listings). Track Suite. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. Plus, the simple navigation bar works well to make it easy to move around the page, too: Password manager and security solutions provider Dashlane uses their page to not only talk about what they do, but to actually demonstrate their impact using hard data: Shoe and apparel manufacturer Saucony steps things up a notch with some striking design work and powerful visuals: As you scroll down the page, it animates between chapters with different pieces of the brand’s story and history (note the chapter navigation tabs at the bottom): If you have access to a skilled web development team with the time and resources to build something like this, the extra effort is well worth it. It’s also vegan and certified by Cruelty Free International. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. Oftentimes, About Us pages do not have a single iota of information on the business owner, much less any other important people. The team at CoSchedule never starts a project without a checklist. This might be the most distinctive website we’ve come across. About Us Page. Write headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search results. Whenever inspiration strikes, you can (and should) come back and update the page to ensure it accurately reflects where you’re at in work and in life. As you scroll down, you are growing familiar with the products and are slowly but surely befriending the brand itself and its values. The page introduces founder Emily Schuman, as well as her blog, books, and fashion collection. Sure, it does. As a result, you won’t find any staged or boring ID-badge-type photos – just a wonderful display of diversity. Everything you need to know to go agile, right now. What your ultimately able to create may be contingent upon your available design and development resources. How do your values and mission contribute to better quality products? Unique . It is our company. Email Address Depuis 28 ans dans le domaine et après avoir partagé la cuisine avec quelques chefs étoilés, Simon VOISINE revisite une cuisine de tradition tout en respectant les saveurs de divers styles gastronomiques dérivés de la tradition française. HEADLINE: Welcome To Glamon. Access the awards section and see why NOWNESS is currently a powerhouse in online film and video. It’s not always enough to just churn out a product and put it in front of people. About Us 17 Template Type: Page / Fixed Width. Gathering existing copy (like documented mission statements and core values, if you have them already). Yellow Leaf Hammocks is trying to save the world one hammock at a time. Therefore, it’s only natural that their About Us page features a compilation of various videos they host. Nike is a place where everyone is an explorer. As a result, it’s just as inspiring as their devotion to sustainable change. Tumblr. Some have long pink hair, others a bushy beard or big glasses. Scroll down to see their work in videos and use the pictures at the bottom to access their Instagram page. Explore their About Us page to meet the crew, listen to their songs, and get the latest news. If you’d like to scope out even more samples, browse through the list below and click on any brand names that sound interesting. We’ve been growing with our communities and serving quality food at great value ever since. It's the ability to think outside the box. You see everything in one go and decide for yourself what you take on your journey. var match = RegExp('[?&]' + p + '=([^&]*)').exec(window.location.search); On your account summary page, enter valid credit card information to keep on file. In 1954, an enterprising salesman named Ray Kroc discovered a small burger restaurant in California, and wrote the first page of McDonald’s history. For that reason, it also made us browse for more. As you scroll down, you discover what Lonely Planet stands for, and their visual aid offers a preview of their services. Instead, write only as mush as they would be interested to read. Even though this page is about you, it’s more about why people should buy from you, talk about the solutions those products solve, Figure out your company’s key historical milestones, Test every headline before you publish. A Sharp Palette and Striking Colors. About Us Head of Instagram. If you’re like a lot of folks, it’s the company’s about us page. Their certificate for ecologic distinction attests to their commitment to environmental best practices. Those pages, usually found in the footer navigation on most business sites, are powerful pieces of an effective website content strategy. } var cookie = document.cookie.split(';'); Shortcodes Their entire website is a technological marvel. These examples will help you build a personal and engaging website journey. It lays out fields for everything you’ll need to hand over to a developer to get your page created. Make the page more personal, giving insight into who operates the company and helping to make a human connection. Check out these 45 examples, curated by @CoSchedule, Website Content Template: How to Get Content Right the First Time, Every Time, How to Easily Plan Copy for an Entire Website the Best Way, How to Create a Marketing Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Results By 9,360%, How to Build the Best Editorial Style Guide in 10 Steps (Free Template), The Best Social Media Image Sizes Guide For Marketers, How to Overcome Makeshift Marketing: The CoSchedule Buyer's Guide, Learn how to create an about us page that actually delivers value. When creating a website, the About Us page is one of the first supporting pages you'll likely design for your website, regardless of the industry you're in. And for content creators, there’s no better organizational hub than a well-planned content calendar. The magical visuals and overall simple look and feel makes this About Us page one of our top picks. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you can always check out the following 25 awesome examples of About Us pages. Ferrari is what it is today. } Nerdery does a great job of showcasing the people behind the company and making them seem approachable to audiences, givin… Stick to those guiding rules and you’ll be well on your way to writing a page people will actually stop and read. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Writing your "About Us" page on your website can be fun and enjoyable. The strongest predictors of success with goals, strategy, & more. © 2016 Best About Pages – Showcasing the best of the best about page examples on the web. How can you convince men to delve into skincare? Blake Suárez is an illustrator and designer with a fantastic sense of humor. It’s a great example of how to use such a page as a sort of pre-sales platform. Because this page eases the journey for any reader seeking to take them up on their mission. Simon Voisine. To us, innovation is about elevating human potential. About Us Page. There are many things we love about this website, but for brevity’s sake we’ll narrow it down to two. But, because of this, they’re occasionally treated like nondescript pieces of content, created to fulfill a requirement on a checklist. Sophia Amoruso’s brand aims to redefine success for millennial women. Incremental change won’t get us to where we want to go fast enough. This is not a contact us page. The contents of an About Us page will vary greatly because business and industry is different. And while he mentions the household names he worked for in the past, he remains approachable and open to new collaborations. The ‘About Us’ page though very typically overlooked is a critical pivot of your eCommerce business, be it an independent website or as part of an online marketplace such as Amazon. The snowy effects, bold colors, and quirky visuals create a truly captivating experience. Essential pages for establishing who you are and what you’re about. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. That can be powerful for persuading people to buy and building long-term loyalty. Even though it’s your About Us page, the story actually needs to be about your customer and what you do for them – it has to be customer-focused. The second thing is the way 6tematik introduces us to its team. Welcome to the Best Online Sport Wear in India; Call Us: 78421 15550; Website is under development mode; Login; Register; Back. When you step into a Spendless Store you'll always find a Friendly face waiting for you!. Will it be their apps, their printed guides, or their website? task completion time: 2 minutes. ToyFight is an award-winning creative design agency. Made by artists for artists, Bigcartel is an online platform that makes it easy to build and manage an online store. It’s also likely to be one of the most frequently visited. Your audience, your personality and that of the owner, your products, your industry and more will all define what goes into your About Us page. An About Us page should make sure to cover basic information about the store and its founders, explain the company's purpose and how it differs from the competition, and encourage discussion and interaction. Find out how to short-circut the path to jaw-dropping growth. To have you sold, their About Us page greets you with the adorable mug of a bulldog. These are often treated like something that’s pinned on the wall and forgotten, existing only because someone decided they needed to one day. Track Pant Regular Fit ; Track Pant Comfort Style ; Athletic Short ; Joggers ; Fashion Casuals. Responsive Bootstrap About Us Page Template MEET OUR TEAM. Search Visibility Then & Now: What's the Reliable Way to Measure Your SEO Efforts? So, what exactly do these pages look like when they’re done well? Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk are doing what makes them happy, and this is obvious throughout their page. Girlboss empowers them by providing the tools and connections they need to own their futures. But we have something that unites us all. In the document you use to write your page, include notes formatted something like this: IMAGE TITLE: What separates quality About pages from ones that are uninspired. Remember that your ‘About Me’ page is a living document. I am the woman behind Digital-marketing-information.com I started Digital-marketing-information.com because I love researching, writing and helping people. This quickly becomes your guide to finding the products that will help you look and feel your best. Millions of people use MailChimp every day to create, send, and track email newsletters. It is a global movement of more than 7 million people that are campaigning for a better world, where human rights are central. But we have something that unites us all. I am an Attorney by profession and when I am not researching information to win my clients case, I am researching and sharing information with my visitors on this website. We were born in different cities, at different times, we love different music, food, movies. Chesterman Homes (28 units) located at 250 South Chesterman Street. Alessandro, with his multiyear international experience, helps us easily understand the numbers and how to improve them. function getParam(p){ Can you guess which one? About Us. Boasting big, bold elements and sharp colors, this page excels at making a great first impression. State of Agile Marketing Report With Agile Sherpas. Your About Us page is where you get to tell the story of your brand. Your About Us page is the ideal place to express this. We are not just a team, we are a family. However, it still provides enough guidance for browsing the website and even contributing. Website.com began in 2005. Well, that’s exactly how the About Us section of Eight Hour Day starts – a welcoming greeting. Many desktop publishing packages and web page editorsu003C/pu003E. function setCookie(name, value, days){ About Us Templates (20 Templates) That Can Be Downloaded From Within The OS Templates Website Innovation Barometer (link is external) 2020 GE Global Innovation Barometer . Take a look at About Us page by the yoga mat company Form. We are not just a team, we are a family. setCookie('gclid', gclid, 90); For example, rather than a basic “About Home Depot” headline, it works in language that appeals to their brand (being built from “right materials,” an appropriate allusion for a hardware store). Writing this page isn’t the easiest thing to master, but it’s possible once you understand the essential elements that must be included. Generally, they’re found in website footers: Every company claims to have core values and some kind of differentiator that makes them different than other companies out there. This is about us page. Give your company’s story, the reason why it was founded, the way it’s developed over time. Tate’s About Us states that their mission is to “increase the public’s enjoyment of British art […] and international modern and contemporary art.”. Here are some free templates, samples, and example About Us pages to help your ecommerce store stand out from the crowd. Conveying your identity in a fun and approachable – but also reliable and informative – way is challenging. And, if your company doesn’t have documented core values, this portion may need to be a project for another day. But, you almost certainly have a reason for existing, even if you’re selling something as otherwise ordinary as toothpaste. That said, there is a strategic approach to creating a good About Us page for eCommerce. About us. Try the Headline Analyzer », Learn how to fire makeshift marketing with CoSchedule, How to Write the Best About Us Page With 50 Examples and a Free Template via @CoSchedule, terms of service, end user agreement, and privacy policy, How to Write a Powerful Case Study That Converts Leads Into Customers With 50 Examples and 7 Templates, What do effective about us pages look like? When he's not hard at work helping people do better marketing, he can be found cross-country skiing with his wife and their dog. Even though this page is about you, it’s more about why people should buy from you. var gclid = getParam('gclid'); To give you some ideas, here are some samples to check out. How to implement an agile marketing strategy. while (c.charAt(0)==' '){c = c.substring(1,c.length);} Hi, Casi here. On their about page, you’ll find a humorous 50-second video along with a short list of facts summarizing their love for tacos, travel, and karate – a theme which certainly permeates most of the content on the website.

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